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Growing in Grace

A Christian should not go down in the grace of God. He should continually grow in grace. You can both grow in grace or fall from grace. When your grace is finished, both you and those around you will notice it


Grace is God’s mercy. It is something you get from God which you did not merit or deserve. It is not your right and you don’t deserve it but God granted that you be given such through His mercy.

Honouring Mothers

Our honour for our mothers is based on our level of realization of the role they play(ed) in our lives. It is so unfortunate that teenagers and young adults no longer have an iota of respect and honour for their mothers/parents.

The Power and Blessings of Sacrifice

Sacrificial giving is not a cheerful giving but a giving done in tears and in pain. It is not a convenient giving but the person who does that will always benefit from the sacrifice.

Information or Advice from Godly Persons

A Christian sister was counting her gratuity that was paid to her and the Holy Spirit told her to remove the money immediately and hide it. In a few minutes after that, armed men broke into her house and demanded for the money. They searched everywhere but could not find it. Similarly, God has delivered many of His children, who listen to Him, from very nasty situations.

The Power of Obedience

You have prayed enough, fasted enough, now obey Divine instructions given to you. Some instructions and orders may not look logical but all we need do to get our breakthrough is to obey them.

Prompt Action

When you take steps of action, everything around you will focus on your goal. You have fasted and prayed, now take action. Prayer without action does not yield any result.

7 Ways to Have Your Problems Solved

There are many ways to approach God. These should be explored while seeking solutions to different problems. Jesus did not use the same approach to solve problems.


How do you worship God? A pastor converted to Islam and said it is because Christians does not worship God truly, that they stand when they claim they are worshipping. Your worship will open doors prayer did not open for you.

Show Gratitude to God and Man

Show gratitude to your spouse, your parents, your siblings, your children. Make them happy. Never bite the hands that feed you or the breasts that nourish/give you pleasure. Never abuse the church that nourished you spiritually.

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