MESSAGE – 19th November 2017


(Continued from You Are Not Ordinary; God Made You Exceptional)

Rev’d Uche Okeke

Judges 3:9-11

Every person has his/her individual differences but what makes someone exceptional and unique is the spirit that operates in that person. Every child of God has the Spirit of God operating in them. This produces the ambience of exceptionality in them.

From the above scriptural text, we discovered a man that became an exceptional leader because of the spirit that operated in him. When the Spirit of God came upon Othniel, the ability to become exceptional came upon him which caused him to become a Judge in Israel and restored peace for 40 years. He became a deliverer to his people.

EXCEPTIONAL men are deliverers. They rise when it matters most and take up the challenge. EXCEPTIONALITY is birthed when God manifests in a man in a supernatural way.

Exodus 31:2-11 describes Bezaleel as a man who was exceptional because of the spirit that operated in him. Though he had no record of special education but he was anointed to know things which ordinary men didn’t know. The reason was because of the spirit that operated in him.

When you are exceptional, it gives you the edge above others. You possess a different ability and skill that puts you ahead. It brings out the EXCEPTIONAL anointing in you. I pray for you today, receive the ability to be EXCEPTIONAL in Jesus name. Exceptional people don’t compete with others because they are pace setters. People look up to them and learn.

Acts 6:2-15 also brings to light another sterling quality of an exceptional individual. Being Exceptional is receiving the GRACE to do more than expected. Stephen was Exceptional in the job he was assigned to do by the Apostles. He was appointed as one of the men who were supposed to serve the table in other to prevent internal disputes in the church at the time. But he proceeded to outdo serving just tables and became a firebrand for the kingdom which led to him being the first Christian martyr. Receive grace to exceed your expectations in Jesus name.

EXCEPTIONAL people are those who create history. They break records and place their mark in history. 2 Samuel 23:16-18. David’s exceptional men were able to get into the enemy’s camp to get water for their king. This was a history making feat because they were men of excellent quality.

  • When times are tough, only exceptional persons rise up to the task.
  • Exceptional men conquer the forces that others are afraid of.
  • Exceptional men conquer limitations and the powers that placed those limitations.
  • Exceptional men are people who pass through death and come out alive
  • Exceptional men don’t look for comfort but for responsibility.
  • Exceptional men conquer the gates of their enemies.

The book of Numbers 25:6-11 shows us that exceptional people are fighters of evil and ungodliness. They hate iniquity the way God does and love righteousness same was He does. Phinehas proved the exceptional quality in him by his actions thereby bringing the anger of the Lord to an end. An Exceptional man is one who promotes righteousness over ungodliness.

Remember God made you EXCEPTIONAL and he is counting on you to make an exceptional mark here on earth.