Why He Came

Bro. Iyke Igbo

John 1:29, Matthew 1:21, Romans 4:6-8

My prayer is that we, as Christians, never forget why Christ was born, even in the midst of all the misconceptions going on around the world today.

To a child of God, every day is Christmas. However, some questions we need to ask ourselves are:

  1. Why did Christ come into a polluted world?
  2. Why did God offer His only son as a sacrificial lamb?

The problem with Christians and what usually blinds our eyes from the purpose of Christ’s birth is “materialism”. Most people only come to God to get wealth, spouses and healing and in the process the real purpose of salvation is forgotten. They forget that even without Christ, these things can be acquired.

Matthew 1:21. The only thing that gives complete joy and satisfaction is Jesus Christ because with Him, the power of sin can never have dominion over you and you will live in endless dominion here on earth and in heaven.

As long as you have been saved, whatsoever that is not of God that has held you captive will release you and you will redeem all that belongs to you in Jesus name’. Amen.

The people who are blessed are not those who live in the choicest areas or drive the best cars. They are those whose transgressions are forgiven and whose sins are covered and who God does not input their sins. Romans 4:6-8.

Never forget that the sole purpose of Christ coming in the form of man is to save us from destruction. Do not take it for granted!!