MESSAGE – 12th November 2017

You Are Not Ordinary; God Made You EXCEPTIONAL

Rev’d Uchenna Okeke

Numbers 13:1-33

Being exceptional is having an outstanding quality which makes you different from the crowd. When one is exceptional, he/she displays an outstanding quality or skill in whatever he/she does.

God made you exceptional. When you became born again, there is an exceptional and excellent quality embedded in you by the Holy Ghost.

From our text, we read that men of outstanding qualities were selected for the all important task of surveying the Promised Land. These men were selected one from each tribe of Israel and they were not ordinary men. They were men with tested characters and quality. However, when the time came for the task to be implemented, those who were exceptional among them were only Joshua and Caleb. They were the only men who believed that the land could be conquered. That made them the real exceptional men. This means that what you see yourself to be is what you really are. Others saw themselves as grasshoppers but only two exceptional men saw themselves as giant killers.

If your confession does not align with the word of God, then you are not exceptional. It means that you do not know who God has made you to be.

Every family needs exceptional personalities. Every organization needs exceptional personalities. Every society needs exceptional personalities and God has made you to become one.

An exceptional person never accepts defeat. An exceptional person is wise. An exceptional person has the spirit of discernment. An exceptional person is known by right judgment. An exceptional person is a victor. An exceptional person never sees things from an ordinary man’s perspective. We have a different spirit in us that makes us exceptional.

In Numbers 14:24, God affirmed of Caleb that he has an exceptional spirit in him. Because of this, God made a promise to him, assuring him of an inheritance in the Promised Land. God has exceptional promises for exceptional people just like we saw in the lives of Joshua and Caleb. God’s word in you is what creates value in you and make you exceptional.

Exceptional men do not die until they receive their inheritance. Joshua 14:6-12. Exceptional men are men of convictions; they always and consistently maintain their stand. They are not altered by the changing times. They are focused until God’s purpose(s) for their lives are achieved. Though Caleb was 80years plus by age, he never lost his energy and drive about God’s promises over his life. He had a resolve to accomplish every tiny detail of God’s ordained purpose for his life.

Exceptional men are not weak. They do not show signs of weakness. They are elegant and strong in the face of life’s challenges. They remain fresh and active, burning with desire to conquer more lands for the Kingdom. The salvation we received from the Lord is the defining factor which makes us exceptional.

An exceptional man is a man who duplicates himself. He reproduces who he is. Caleb never ended his journey without reproducing men with a giant killer instinct as he was. Joshua 15:17.

Finally, be reminded that God is counting on you knowing that He made you EXCEPTIONAL. YOU ARE NOT ORDINARY.