Message – 10th May, 2020

Let’s Talk About His Praises!

Psalms 57:1-11

Rev. Luke Okoro

Let’s talk about God’s praises – God’s wonders. God – Jehovah does lots of wonders every moment of our lives.

There’s breaking news from Jehovah – you are going to see December 2020! It’s breaking news. Let’s talk about things pertaining to God’s goodness rather than about Covid-19!

If you are observant, you would have noticed that the novel coronavirus, covid-19, is trending in the media in recent times. It has taken about 80-95% of all news item and other discussions in the media. So, also, our hearts and our discussions have trended with it.

Covid-19 must not take pre-eminence in our lives. It is Jesus that has the pre-eminence in our lives. Anything we allow the larger part of our heart to dwell on, other than God, is dangerous to our spiritual health and to our physical well being. Be careful about what you think and talk. We should talk about God’s praises.

Let’s talk more about Jesus. The story of Jesus is a story that restores hope, confidence and life.

From our text, Psalms 57:1-11, David highlighted some important points.

  1. The situation he found himself in, a situation he described as fearsome. Vs 4, 6.
  2. His resolve in vs. 1 “Until the calamities is past”. He was not in a hurry. He knew the disaster will surely pass! Amen. He continued: “I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me”. He resolved to cry out to the most high God. There is One above, look up. He is The Most High. He is our Champion.

The plan of God cannot be thwarted. There is a God in heaven who will fulfill His purpose for you. Proclaim to yourself: “This God I am calling to, this God that I am looking unto – He will send help to save me, to save my family.”

Jehovah will send help! Right where you are, you shall not die. He will send help form heaven. He is a covenant keeping God.

  1. His expectations while he waits. Vs 3. God’s palliatives will reach him. No high- jacking. No diversion. It will reach all “the vulnerables”. God’s palliatives will reach everyone who is in need of it – there will be no diversion. None of those that wait on God will die of hunger. You will not die of hunger. Jehovah’s palliatives will reach all that are in need of it.
  2. What he wanted God to do. Vs 5,11. This is improper for some Christians of today. For them it should have been: “destroy them by fire!”; “fall and die by fire!”; “thunder and brimstone!” But not David. He demanded, “God Be Exalted”. I thought this song was made in a time of festival, not knowing it was in the face of dangers.

Brethren, let us allow a paradigm shift in our thinking and reasoning. Let us talk about JESUS more and more. Do not allow Covid-19 occupy all of you and shift your thinking faculties. Talk more about Jesus. Talk about the rapture. Talk about the white robe we shall wear and of the golden street in the new Jerusalem.

Let us talk about God’s praises, God’s wonders in the past and in the present. It will keep us fresh and refreshed till the pandemic is over. Amen.

May the Lord be with you. May the Lord strengthen your heart. You will never be a victim. Amen!