Message – 10th May, 2020

International Mothers’ Day

Honouring Mothers

Ephesians 6:2-3, 1 Samuel 1:1-17, Romans 13:3, Proverbs 23:22-24, 31:30

Pastor Eche Obodumu

Motherhood is the oldest occupation on earth. Not all women are mothers because mothers show love and care even when it is not deserved but most times, this is disregarded.

Our honour for our mothers is based on our level of realization of the role they play(ed) in our lives. It is so unfortunate that teenagers and young adults no longer have an iota of respect and honour for their mothers/parents. Ignorantly, they are disobeying God’s word in Ephesians 6:1-3.

From childhood to adulthood, we tend to have different ways we regard our mothers. For instance, from age 4, we hold our mothers in high esteem because we think “mother knows everything”. At 14, during our teenage, we think we know all and “mother knows nothing”. At 25, we realize that “mother knows FEW things”. At 35, having attained maturity, we find out that our mothers have always wanted the best for us so we value their opinion and advice and “want to talk to mother about a few things”. At 45, we seek for their approval, “If my mother will approve of it”. At 65, we come to the full realization of what our mother mean to us but, most times, we can’t find them again when we need them at this time of our lives. We then “wish to talk to my mother for the last time”.

It is important to note that whenever God wants to do something special, He uses a man but when He wants to do something exceptional He uses a woman. He used Esther to preserve the Jews and Mary gave birth to Jesus.

How do we honour our mothers?

To honour means to value, to appreciate, to esteem, to respect, to regard favourably and to see as weighty and precious.

  1. Love them unconditionally, irrespective of their flaws. If for nothing, let it be for the fact that they wear too many caps of responsibilities. Romans 13:8.
  2. Let them know you understand what they have done for you.
  3. Keep in touch with your mother. Visit her as regularly as you can.
  4. Buy her gifts to show your appreciation and know you are sowing seeds of long life because you don’t pray your way through it.