Healing For The Total Man

Bro. Iyke Igbo

3 John 2, Isaiah 49:24, John 9:1-3

God wants you to be completely and totally healed in your spirit, soul and body. He never celebrates your affliction or pain. Healing is coming your way this season.

Jehovah is moving with compassion over that case or problem that has plagued you for a while now. 1 Thessalonians 5:23. God moves for the total sanctification and wholeness of your being. Stay strong your joy is coming.

Jeremiah 8:22. Is there any situation in your life that seems incurable or unsolvable and makes you doubt the efficacy of God’s word over you? Thus says the Lord, every promise concerning your destiny will come to fruition. Every case about you that seems unsolvable will be settled. Isaiah 49:24-26.

One problem believers have is the problem of “sin consciousness”. It is a tool that the Devil uses to prevent us from going straight to the throne of grace to seek for the assistance we need. Sin consciousness makes us feel like we are unworthy of God’s blessing; it makes us feel that anytime we are going through a rough patch it is because we have wronged God. That perception is false! God blesses you, heals you and keeps you not because of how holy you are but because He so pleases. Does that mean we should continue to swim in sin? No! Romans 6:1-2.

2 Kings 4:14. When God wants to bless you, He will never consult your enemies. He will just bless you. Just keep giving Him your dedicated service. By this time next season, you will embrace your son (expectations) only if you believe!

Mark 5:22-42. Sometimes when your miracle is on the way, the Devil brings negative news to your hearing to cause you to lose your belief and trust in God but if you stand firm, your miracle will become a reality.

Believe and trust God, no matter how tight the situation is. Jesus is coming into your home today to settle every issue facing you. Everything you have lost will be recovered!