MESSAGE – 17th May 2020


Romans 9:16, 2 Timothy 2:1

Bishop O. C. Dominic

The word “grace” is found in the bible 160 times and the Apostle Paul used it to close all his epistles. We also conclude our services with sharing the grace. Hence, grace is very important. Grace is not a making of your great effort. It is good for a Christian to have something doing but upon all your effort, struggle and thinking, it is not of him that wills but of God who shows mercy. Don’t think you can do anything on your own.

There is something God has given to us which is called “grace”. It is a gift from God. We are saved by grace, not by our works. When you present yourself, your wisdom, your knowledge, not to glorify God but to glorify yourself as a champion, you have failed. It is not by your might. When the grace of God is present, struggles cease. Grace is God’s mercy. It is something you get from God which you did not merit or deserve. It is not your right and you don’t deserve it but God granted that you be given such through His mercy. That is grace. It can be for anything: employment, marriage, contract, business proposals.

Unfortunately, today, we don’t rely again on the grace of God but we rely on our strength. This makes us fail. Prayer is emptying ourselves to God and relying on Him to achieve things we can’t achieve on our own. Grace is not easy to understand. You can’t understand what it is all about until you have challenges. You continue to struggle until you realize that there is someone waiting for you to help you with what you don’t deserve.

Grace can make you a household name in less than 24hrs. Grace can lift you up from grass to glory. With grace, you can proclaim that “I can do all things through Christ”. Grace will locate you! Joseph remained in prison until the time of God’s grace for Him came. He was even forgotten by people he helped in prison until the time of God’s grace for him was due. Wait for God’s time for you. God’s grace made Joseph forgive his brothers who sold him to slavery.

Grace can lift you up from grass to glory. It can give you an ability you don’t have. With the grace of God, you will still achieve what you think you have lost due to the covid-19 outbreak. If you have God’s grace, it will work in you more than your ability. 2 Samuel 9:1-7. Mephiboseth was a rejected, wretched, disabled grandson of Saul, David’s enemy, but the grace of God located him. David the king and his enemy sought him out and uplifted him. May the grace of God locate you!

You are saved by grace, not by your efforts or your own work of righteousness. May God find you today and pour His grace on you. He will restore to us all that we have lost due to covid-19!

May the grace of God locate you!