Sermons from December 2019

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Any time you are facing a situation and it seems darkness is over you, remember that God is with you. What to do at such time is to seek God.

The 3 C’s of Thanksgiving

In everything give thanks because it is God’s plan for your life. You may have been betrayed and ostracized by your family just like Joseph or be like Esther sold to slavery but in the midst of that debilitating distress, give God thanks because He is using that pathway to bring you to your place of praise and glory.


Are there any benefits around you for which you will give God thanks? If you can make up your heart and give thanks, your deliverance will begin.

Four Weapons That Destroys Marriages

Always pray for your marriage and family. Make out time and pray with your spouse and family. Also treat your servants well. Take them as members of your family and treat them as such. Don’t mistreat them.

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