Sermons from November 2019

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Provoking Divine Intervention

God knows how to solve your problem. He can choose to follow natural processes or break protocols to intervene on your behalf. He will do the extraordinary to make you glorious this season. You will receive your covenant blessings.

The Attributes of the Anti-Christ Continued

The church began in the upper room in Jerusalem but as it spread and got to Rome, the pagan practices of the Romans were integrated into the church in order to make it more acceptable to the society and win more people. There where pagans in church and they also came with their idols as physical representations of bible characters such as statues of saints.

The Attributes of The Anti-Christ

The Anti-Christ is coming to launch an attack against Christians. This will make Christians cold in the things of God. It will also attack marriages. The purpose of God in marriage is for the couple to raise godly seeds but the Anti-Christ launches an attack against families to pollute the seeds.

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