Sermons from October 2019

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The Rapture Continued

Prepare to go to heaven. That is the essence of going to church. The door to heaven is Jesus Christ. It is not a church denomination. Have you been washed by the blood of Christ? That is the only key to participating in the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Who Is a Pastor?

Honouring our Pastors means honouring God as well because they are called by God as shepherds. They guide us like shepherds to sheep with sound teachings and words from God and caution us with rods of correction when we go astray.

The Great Tribulation – Don’t Be Left Behind

According to the prophecy of Daniel, each week stands for 7years. After the death of Christ, what is remaining is 1 week of 7years. However, with the death of Jesus, grace came into effect that stopped the clock of God’s judgement. With the rapture, that clock will start ticking again and only 7years will be left to judge the earth.

Reminder: Jesus is Coming Back!

It is a forgotten message among Christians that Jesus is coming back. What we hear these days is about how God will bless us and there will be no more sickness. We hear much about liberty and freedom but extremely very few people these days still preach that Jesus is coming back. Whatever we are singing and praying, be reminded that Jesus is coming back very soon.

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