Sermons from April 2019

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The Things God Hate

As covenanted people, we don’t have any business liking what God hates. We must be conformed to the image of God by being the image of Christ.

Spiritual Fruitfulness

Similarly, no matter how grievous your sins, no matter how people despise you because of your sordidness, God can still visit you. He has not written you off.


Christian maturity is not determined by how many years you’ve been in a church but by how much fruit you have gotten for the Lord. Because we don’t bear fruit, we resort to infighting among ourselves. How many of your children will be counted in heaven? Be encouraged, go out and bear fruits.

According to Its Kind

Who will succeed you? The failure of this generation to reproduce their kind has led to the proliferation of false prophets/teachers. If we produce our kind, our work will continue but if we don’t, our work will die with us.

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