Sermons from November 2018

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When One Does Not Understand Signs

Know when to pray, be in God’s presence, be at your business, do your studies, watch TV and/or interface in the social media. Don’t be where you should not be or be doing what you should not be doing.

It Shall End In Praise!

Since Esau was divinely condemned to a life of servitude, his father gave him a herculean task to be fulfilled before he will bless him. He couldn’t meet up and lost his blessings in addition to his birthright. Despite these conspiracies, Esau still went ahead to become prosperous. No matter how people have looked down on you and despise you, giving you up as good for nothing, your condition will be reversed for blessing and it will surely end in praise!

The Power of Inspiration

Inspiration means “breathe”. Breathe is life. Inspiration might be little but it will carry you far. Life is useless without inspiration. Any life that is not inspired cannot move far. It enables us to function to a higher degree.

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