Sermons from September 2018

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Thy Kingdom Come

We as children of God and should constantly crave that God’s presence will be seen in our families and environment. The kingdom of God is peace and God’s righteousness.

Building For Conquest

God wants to raise conscious kingdom builders, people who understand why and what they are doing, people who are ready to go to the end without restrictions. Every true believer is a kingdom builder and God has raised us to build His kingdom here on earth.

Winning Without Fighting

The greatest weapon a Christian has is to defeat the enemy with love. You don’t need to go into attack. Win over your enemy with the love of Christ and wisdom.

Four Areas To Develop Your Child

Feed your children properly, not with junk. Clothe them well. It must not be expensive wears but it should be decent. The environment where you bring up your children contributes a lot to the development of your child.

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