Sermons from July 2018

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How To Serve God

The only reason why we are Christians is to serve God. Do you really want to serve God? Have you actually made the choice of serving Him?

Do Not Throw Away This Confidence

Your services to God are not in vain. Displeasing yourself to please God is not in vain and God has promised that as long as you continue to genuinely serve Him, His blessings will never cease to be functional in your life.

Building Healthy Relationships

Life is hinged on relationships. How far you will go in life is determined by those who surround us. Our success or failure is dependent on our relationships.

Errors Can Be Corrected Today

God is ready to give you whatever you need. Whatever you do today will determine the announcement God will make for your promotion.

The God of “How – How?”

When anything/situation beats your imagination, leave it for God. Even before that situation that seems too overwhelming came into your life, Jehovah was already aware of it and knows “how” to settle it.


Even if your parents did not plan to have you, God did and He did so because He has a destiny for you to fulfil. You will get there and nothing will stop you.

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