Sermons from May 2018

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When The Heart Of Man Goes for God

It does not matter what a man says with his mouth. What matters is what comes from the depth of the heart.

Loving God with Your Mind

When we yield ourselves to God, heart, soul, mind and strength, there is nothing left to us but everything is yielded to God.

A Holy Hunger – Choices we make

The choice you make as a believer will determine if God can use you as His showroom. Are you sure your choice of hunger is capable of giving you a better future; a future with God in it?

A Holy Hunger

When Jesus fills you, no matter the need or desire you have, He fills you so much that you become satisfied and fully in control of these desires.

Give Out What You Have

When some people argue against paying tithe, how do they expect the church to propagate the gospel? Though there are commercial pastors that are spoiling the work of the gospel but if you want to be successful, to have heaven approve your work, you must do things God’s way.

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