Sermons from April 2018

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From Struggle to Celebration

So many believers, by virtue of being children of God, are meant to be controlling certain places of authority but because they are blind to the abilities embedded in them and the destiny God has designed for them, they have remained relegated and termed as useless.

God Will Not Disappoint You

God is not a disappointment and He will never disappoint anyone neither will He fail you. Whatever you are expecting from God, there is a day He will visit you and no power can deny you what He has for you.

Your Work, Your Reward

Everything we do here on earth has a reward and an eternal value. It could be a positive reward or a negative reward. If you fail to put in any effort now that you can, by the time of harvest, you’ll be left empty.

The Weapons of Our Warfare

When our eyes are opened to see how God intervenes in our matters, then our faith will be built and our understanding will be complete. Do the necessary and leave the rest for God to handle. Only then will God sustain you because He is your sufficiency.

Your Condition & Your Conclusion

God wants us to understand that every problem we pass through is a miracle in disguise which He wants to use to disgrace the devil. Don’t allow the devil to trick you into believing that God is uninterested with the happenings within and around you

Why Do People Suffer?

One misconception that people have is to think that sufferings and tribulations are as a result of sin. This brings about several questions to God why it is so, especially when we are living a righteous life. This may so discourage us that we lose faith in God and start doubting Him.

Benefits of Christ’s Resurrection

Our material and financial status means nothing. When we die, we won’t go with any of them. Only what we have laid up for ourselves in heaven counts.

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