Sermons from December 2017

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Why He Came

The people who are blessed are not those who live in the choicest areas or drive the best cars. They are those whose transgressions are forgiven and whose sins are covered and who God does not input their sins.

Gifts That Obtains God’s Witness and Testimony

Giving, love, empathy and charity is of the heart. The actions that follow it is what proves the genuineness of the heart. The state of mind of the giver is what determines if the gift would be accepted by the recipient (God).

Is Your Offering Acceptable To God?

God’s basis of accepting or rejecting an offering is not based on the contents. He is not concerned about how big or small the offering is or whether you were the first or last to give.

Financial Overflow

It is God’s will that His children shall have financial overflow. This ensures overflow in other areas of life. When you have money, you can buy all you need.

What Are You Waiting For?

When expectation fails, there is often weakness and fear but God is never weak and never gets tired. Since He is the creator of all things, He never fails and His understanding is unsearchable. He knows how it is with you at every point in time.

Focus On God, The Strength In Trying Moments

There were several occasions in the past that God led you to victory. Learn to stand still and wait upon God in any distressful moment. Light must surely appear at the end of the tunnel.

God’s Special Belonging

You are God’s special belonging not because you decided to be but because he chose to make you His special one since creation.

God’s Purpose In Your Salvation And Deliverance

God delivers us from all the antics and plans of the enemy in order for us to serve him in holiness and in righteousness. Even if you have fallen short of the standard in any way, may today be your day of restoration.

Let Your Light Shine

Some people claim that Christianity is in the heart but Christianity must manifest in your outward and everyday life, not only in your heart.

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