Sermons from October 2017

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In creation, man is meant to dominate the earth but God left us with a place for labour. If you do not harness the grace that is given to you, there is no way you can fit into the position you were born.

The Blessings of Fulfilling Ministerial Purposes

How do you regard your pastors or appreciate them? If you do not regard them, you will not be able to appreciate them. Pastors are the angels of the church. Is there anything you can point to that your pastor has done that will motivate you to appreciate them?

The Healing of the Bad Water and the Barren Land

The goodness of a farm land is in its productivity. A farmland may be aesthetic but if it is unproductive and barren, it has no value. Similarly, a church that looks beautiful on the outside but is unproductive in terms of fulfilling purpose has no value.

Unity of the Church

God is not interested in the name of the church you attend. He doesn’t know the names of the various denomination. You will not be judged based on the church you attend.

The God of All Times

When God intervenes in your situation, your enemies will pay you to take care of yourself. Nigeria might be tough right now but this is the season that God’s blessing will come as an overflow.

Divine Visitation

If you have been labouring in vain for years, God is going to visit you and reward you for your labour. He is going to restore to you those years you laboured without recognition.

The Church & Power

The power we have received is not just for speaking in tongues but to bring about change in all aspects of life. The Apostles used the power of the Holy Ghost to turn around their society. Similarly, let’s use the power of the Holy Ghost in us to bring about positive changes in our society.

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