Sermons from August 2017

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Influencing The Next Generation

Child training is not the responsibility of the church but the family. Can it be said of your children that what they are doing is inherited from you or your parents? Children do what they see you do, not just what you say.

Women, Go With This Grace!

Woman, you are not an afterthought of God’s creation but the perfection of creation. Cease underrating yourself. Be who God has made you to be. You are a carrier of spiritual, divine energy.

Woman, God’s Intervention Creature

Women, stop accepting you are the trouble of our times. You may make one trouble but solve a million of them! You intervene in creation. When you step in, things begin to take shape.

How To Anchor On A Solid Rock In Times Like This

When people are faced with challenges, they usually ask questions if God is still with them. They are tempted to quit. You may have endured the hardship until you are ready to give up and quit. You wonder at God’s promises and wonder if He is still true.

I Am What God Says I Am!

Take your rightful position. God has made you to be a king, not a pauper. Christianity cannot remove your individuality. God created you to be special and honourable. Like an eagle, you can soar in any field you are because that is what God wants you to do.

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