Sermons from July 2017

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Provoking God’s Favour

It doesn’t matter how long that situation has lingered in your life, there is an expiry date and this time, God has said it is enough.

The Favour of Church Growth

Today, because attention has been shifted from the essence of being born again, all manner of people throng the church. The church is not just a group of persons, it is a group of people who believed in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and have been saved.

The Storm Is Over!

Whatever storm you are passing through, no matter the situation you are facing in your life, there is a miracle for you today, if only you can speak to that situation, it will be over in your life today.

Attracting Divine Favour

Until we align with God’s purposes, there are some favours we will not get from Him. We are either qualified for his favour or not.

Is Saul Also Among The Prophets?

God is a God of surprise and His favour is not obtained through personal efforts. This month will be a month of uncommon blessings to you because God is going to give you blessings you cannot explain. Be expectant.

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