Sermons from March 2017

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Relating With One Another

Our relationship with one another is vital. We are all the same and we all come from God. In Christ, we lose every sense of identity we have before and every one of us becomes the same.

The Pitfalls of Leadership

Leadership is a journey where you are bound to face challenges.

The Tradition of Our Fathers

Parents no longer understand what it means to train up a child; that is why children are now badly behaved. Training a child in a way he should go means developing a culture for your family.

The Man in the Mirror

A complete man is a composed of the spirit, soul and body. If you take away any of these entities, the man is no longer a man. The man you see in the mirror is the physical man, with his five senses. It is the “earth-suit” of the man and is important both to you and God.

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