Sermons from January 2017

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2017: No U-Turn, No Diversion on The Kings Highway

What luggage are you carrying? Why do you want to divert? Do you have proper, correct and complete identification? If you keep focusing your attention on your back, you will have a crash. Focus on your journey. Keep looking forward. You are going somewhere better. Whatever you need is in Christ.

You Can Succeed Where Others Fail – 2

Your success is dependent on God’s promises. Rely on His promises not on your efforts because others have done what you are doing and failed. Your success is in His promise. If you run away from God’s promise, you will fail.

You Can Succeed Where Others Fail

Some people have struggled a lot but this year 2017, the Lord will remember you. To work like an elephant and eat like an ant will not be your portion this year.

The Two Sides of Remembrance

As God remembers us this year, there are certain things He wants us to remember, in order to play our part, for Him to bless us. These are….


Let go of your understanding and knowledge and obey God. It doesn’t matter how long you have struggled, this year, as God remembers you, your life will turn around for good.

Empowered to Progress

You can do all things. You cannot afford to move a step forward and two steps backward, to be rising and falling. It is God’s desire for you to progress. This year, your level has changed and you will leave that your usual place.


This is your time because God has remembered you. When God remembers a man, what man’s wisdom can’t do, God will begin to make it happen in that person’s life.

2017: My Year of Remembrance

Look, how many times have you obeyed and gave expecting a return and it never happened? How many times have you been enjoined to do good works and you did expecting to get divine reward and it never came?

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