Sermons from November 2016

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Thanksgiving: A Choice

Thank God for His grace. When you think about what you do not have, why not thank God for what you deserve but do not have? Some of us are so immoral and deserve to be suffering from several STDs but God, in His mercy, kept us from them.

Our Heritage In The Covenant Of Grace

Prophesy to yourself “this year, I shall end you with a shout of grace and I shall accomplish my purpose by grace. I shall never end you with tears. I started out this year with progress and I shall end it with progress.” That project which you started, you shall complete through grace. It will help you accomplish the purpose of God for your life.


What we deserve from God is judgement because we are all sinners and that judgement is death but grace is the fact that though we earn the judgement of God, He decided that we will not be punished for what we have done. This is without any addition of goodness or merit on our part.

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