Sermons from June 2016

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It is obvious that we are living in a difficult time. We are in a season in Nigeria today when we need help. We are not fighting a war but we are living in a war situation. This is a time of trouble and a time of economic failure. Countries are in distress. Things are obviously hard and we need help. Parents send or encourage their children to go into prostitution these days to survive the harsh economic times. Most pathetic is that this economic problem is not ending soon. As a Christian, in this season of difficulty, what do we do?


If animals and trees can be fruitful and multiply, then you should be fruitful and multiply. Everything that is preventing you from achieving this God given goal in your life, may the fire of the Lord consume it off your life in Jesus’ name. Amen!


Every Pastor’s potential is determined by the type of members he has. Similarly, every woman’s potential is determined by the type of husband she has. The flow of the Holy Spirit and the flow of anointing depend on constant use of it. Committed people always understand their pastor. Others may castigate their pastor but they will not.

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