Sermons from July 2015

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Many Are Called but Few Are Chosen – Bishop O. C. Dominic

Are you among the called or among the chosen? The Bible says, ‘you are a chosen generation,… that you should show forth the praises of Him…’ if you are the chosen of God, He has put you in His ‘showcase’ so that the people would look at you and glorify God. Just imagine what God did with Gideon with his few chosen soldiers who went to war with an unconventional strategy given to them by God. They let God into the war and the enemy turned their own weapons against themselves. If you let God into your own war, that sickness, poverty, barrenness, – name it – will bow without you fighting any war. The battle is Lord’s.

What Time Is It?

Categories of Persons in Relation to Time are –
Those who do not know the time.
Those who know the time.
Among the latter are –
Those not concerned about the time nor are waiting for it.
Those concerned about the time and are waiting for it but do not know it has come.
Those concerned about the time, are waiting for it and know it has come.

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