Sermons from April 2015

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Take Its Head, Take Its Life – Pastor Agozie Onuigwe

The life of the body and the identity of the body are in the head. There is no unity of the body if the head is removed and the state of the head determines the state of the body. The head represents authority. God is the highest authority on earth and institutes every authority on earth, including in the family. A delegated authority is as good as the one who delegated it. Anyone disobeying or fighting against constituted authority is like someone kicking against the stone.

The Believer’s Security – Rev’d Simon Ugwu

Security is very important in life. Every human being wants security, and God has created in every living thing the consciousness to be secure. The implication of this truth is that the consciousness of security is intrinsic in every living thing. Although there are many aspects of security, in this teaching, we will be looking at it from the perspective of our anchor scripture.

Never Say “No” for My “Yes” – Rev’d Simon Ugwu

I will never accept ‘No’ to my God-given ‘Yes’. My ‘Yes’ is my ‘Yes’ and my ‘No’ is ‘No’. It can never be changed. I can never exchange my ‘Yes’ to the devil’s ‘No’. My ‘No’ to the devil is for life. I resist the devil for life, and my ‘Yes’ to God is not negotiable.

The Spirit That Raised Christ From The Dead

The resurrection of Christ from the dead has given our lives a meaning. Without His resurrection, man’s life would be meaningless. His resurrection has made us to know that life does not end here. The fact that He rose is an indication that there is hope for everyone who is in Him and for all who have died in Him

Managing Conflicts

The importance of the unity of the body of Christ cannot be over-emphasized. In contemporary times, this unity has been so bastardized because of conflicts. Note that conflicts will surely come up in our day to day activities and cannot be avoided. The goal is how to manage them when they do arise and not wish or pray that they do not come, because they surely will. Because we are Christians, however, we should be scriptural in our approach to conflict management.

Complete My Joy – Rev’d Oluchukwu Onuigwe

St. Paul asked the church to complete his joy. 3 attitudes to have in order to do this are unity, love and humility.
About unity; when we are united to do something, heaven cannot stop us. God Himself has given us the power to choose. Unity is strong that God had to confuse the language of those building the Tower of Babel in other to stop it. Just imagine when we are united in the church to do the work of God.

In Proverbs 6:16 – 19, the Bible says that God hate six things but says the seventh is abomination. There is a difference between hating something and saying that something is an abomination. This is sowing discord among brethren.

My Time is working; My God is working (1) – Rev’d Simon Ugwu

My God is working, and my Christian life is working. Today, the Christian life of many people, just like a clock or a wrist watch, has stopped working. Is your clock or wrist watch working? Is your time working? For some people, their Christian life can be likened to a clock or a wrist watch that has stopped working.


When God raised Jesus Christ He demonstrated three things for us. He showed men that He had power to do three things (Eph. 1:20).

The power to raise Jesus Christ shows that God has power to conquer all trials and temptations of life. (He conquered the most powerful trial that faces man – death) 1 Cor. 10:13
That God has the power to give us a new life (Rom. 6:4, Eph. 4:24, Col. 2:6, 3:10)
The power to raise Jesus Christ from the dead shows that God has the power to raise men from the dead

Communion Service – Washing One Another’s Feet

Jesus washed His disciples’ feet before they took holy communion and this signifies making them holy. He showed us example to follow. We should help to keep one another clean so that they make heaven. In this world, there are so many things that defile us.

If your brother is dirty wash his feet. Washing one another’s feet is not to point out their faults or to pull them down.

Just like Judas Iscariot, many Christians can commit grievous atrocities that you wonder if they have been born again at first. This is because they gave the devil a foothold in their lives. Guard your heart with all diligence.

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