Sermons from November 2014

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JUST A WORD OH LORD – Rev. Oluchi Onuigwe

The prophet of the Lord told him to keep his house in order to prepare for his death, but Hezekiah prayed and the Lord gave the prophet another word (final word) which says that he would not die.
You might have gone to ‘a man of God’ who had said something to you. I am not here to argue whether he heard from God or not. God might have said something unfavourable before but he is saying the final thing now which is favourable.

Build to Last (Home building) by Rev. Oluchi Onuigwe

Home building can be compared with house building because it has three components of buiding which are the foundation, the wall and the roof. But unlike the house building which can be finished after sometime, home building continues all your life time.

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