Esther 4:14

This verse contains one of the most profound statements in the book of Esther.
Mordecai, Esther’s uncle brings a new dimension to the royalty of Esther into the picture.

At a time like that, with all the crisis the Jew’s faced, God had already positioned Esther to be the solution her people would need to solve their problems

Her purpose was to stand and deliver her people but she didn’t realize at first, until her uncle intimated her on her responsibility.

The question to ask is this: why am I living in such a time as this. If you can look around you, I am sure you can notice a certain degree of abnormality in your family, in the church or even in the society: can you do anything about the said abnormalities? Has God equipped you in anyway to counter the problems that faces your family in such a time as this?

Do you realize that the destiny of an entire race could be dependent on your single action? Have you thought about the consequences of you keeping quiet in such a time as this.

Everyday, in various degrees, life brings all manner of challenges our way, which are really opportunities to glorify God. Just like Esther we are required to take the bull by the horn and seek to profer solution to the challenges we notice around us, for that is why God created us and placed us where he has placed us in such a time as this.

Don’t hesitate to do what you have been called to do. Take responsibility, take action, make that move and watch God come to the rescue of a people through you.

O Lord forgive me for not taking responsibility where I am meant to take responsibility. Grant me boldness to do all I should do to bring glory to your name..

1 Thessalonians 5:18

God wants us to be intentional about our thankfulness every day. He wants us to develop this spiritual habit, one that is reflected in the life of a radical believer. The truth is, the more deeply you understand God’s love, the more grateful you’re going to be.

In all circumstances give thanks, because it’s God’s will for you. It is a lot easier to give thanks when everything is going on fine, when you just recieved a cheque or received a gift. It is however harder to say thank you when everything is not going on well.
However the scripture requires us to give thanks in all things.

You can thank God in every circumstance because God is in control. He can bring good out of evil. He can turn around the stupid mistakes you’ve made. No matter what happens, God isn’t going to stop loving you. There are a hundred things to be thankful for in any circumstance, even when the circumstance stinks.

Being thankful in all circumstances — is God’s will because it creates fellowship.
Gratitude always builds deeper relationships between you and other people and between you and God.

Whoever you want to get closer to, start expressing gratitude to that person. If you’ve moved away from your husband or your wife, you need to start doing what you did when you were dating: Express gratitude. Write little notes of kindness and encouragement. Make calls or text during the day, just to tell him or her that you’re thankful. Do the things you did at first. The reason you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling is because you stopped doing the things that created that lovin’ feeling early on, and you take each other for granted.

The Bible tells us to “encourage one another and build each other up” (1 Thessalonians 5:11). As you build others up, you’ll find that God builds into your life as well through your deep relationships with him and others

Think about some simple ways you can express your gratitude to God, your spouse, friend, or family members?

As you develop an attitude of gratitude, you will see changes in your life and your relationsips